Vet Homeopathy creates their own homeopathic remedies. Our veterinarians are qualified as veterinarians and homeopaths which make them the best at treating your pet’s health problems. We have different categories of treatments that you can choose from. If you cannot find what you need, please feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

All our products are created with approved and safe ingredients that are all natural. Homeopathic remedies make use of natural products that allow the body to heal itself. Your pets should experience no negative side effects, but if something seems to be wrong, please come in so we can check it out.

The categories include:

  • Worming
  • Allergies
  • Behavior/ Stress/ Anxiety Problems
  • Feline Products
  • Senior Pet Remedies
  • Puppy Remedies
  • General Health and Healing
  • Surgery Recovery

Below is a list of a few of our most popular remedies:

Homeo Asthma and Allergy Drops            $20.00

Storm Stress                                                      $15.00

De-Worming                                                      $25.00

Skin Allergy Remedy                                       $22.00

Feline Digestive Problems                            $20.00

General Anxiety Remedies                          $30.00

Feline De-Worming                                         $25.00

Homeo Sensitive Skin Shampoo                $18.00

Homeo Sensitive Skin Conditioner           $18.00

Tick and Flea Relief (Dogs)                           $15.00

Tick and Flea Relief (Cats)                             $15.00

Loud Noise/ Firework Anxiety                    $15.00

Allergy Relief                                                      $18.00

Eye Care Drops and Salve                             $20.00

Homeo Healing Cream (for wounds)       $30.00

Joint Stress                                                         $20.00

Skin Repair                                                          $25.00

Nose Relief (Dogs)                                          $18.00

Nose Relief (Cats)                                            $18.00

Senior Pet Care Kit                                          $30.00

Puppy Health and Strength Kit                   $30.00

The above remedies are pre-mixed and can be used for any pet as indicated by the instructions. When you visit our clinic, the veterinarian may prescribe more specific remedies that are freshly mixed especially for your pet and his or her condition.