Important Things to Know About Homeopathy for Your Dog

Homeopathy is about stimulating the body’s natural healing responses. This works for both humans and animals. Animal homeopathy has become more popular in recent years and more and more owners are trying natural remedies instead of Western medication. Not everyone agrees that homeopathy is good for animals, but the ingredients used in the remedies are so diluted that it holds no danger.

If you are thinking of using homeopathic medicine for your dog, you should know the following things:

You can use homeopathic remedies for all sorts of conditions. There are several remedies that address a large range of health conditions ranging from skin irritation to healing of surgery wounds.

Homeopaths look at a patient as a whole. The homeopathic vet will ask you a lot of questions to find as much information about your pet and his condition as possible. The more they know about the symptoms, when they occur, how long they have been present, etc., the more accurate their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Don’t give the homeopathic medicine with food. For these natural remedies to be effective, they need to be taken an hour before or after a meal. This ensures that the food and medicine don’t interfere with each other.

Don’t mix medications. Your homeopathic vet will tell you what types of medications you can give your dog in combination with his prescription. Some chemical-based medications can work against the homeopathic remedies and make it ineffective. Ask your vet what you can use and what not.

Your dog may get worse before he gets better. This is part of the healing process and is called ‘homeopathic aggravation’. The homeopathic remedies induce illness or conditions that your dog has in order to stimulate the body to heal itself naturally.

You may see some discharges and behavior changes as a result of the new medications. This is normal as it is with anyone taking new medications. Your body needs to get used to it and in this case, it probably causes a bit of a detox. These are good signs that the natural remedies are working.

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