Premium LED Dog Leash - Lighted Dog Leads by Yippr
Premium LED Dog Leash - Lighted Dog Leads by Yippr

Welcome to Vet Homeopathy! We strive to improve the lives of all furry and otherwise coated pets. Many pets suffer from illnesses that cause discomfort and lower their quality of life. We have created products that can help your pets live better and healthier lives. Our remedies are successful for treating simple ailments to chronic and more serious conditions.

Vet Homeopathy consists of a veterinary clinic with two qualified and registered veterinarians. We also have a homeopathy pharmacy on our premises. Our products can be bought in our center or online. We may also occasionally offer products like the Yippr Dog Car Seat Cover if they are high quality and we think it might be something to help our customers. We cater for almost any pet health problem you may face and we treat these health problems with natural remedies for great success.

Veterinary services

We have two on-site veterinarians that have been in practice for more than 15 years

Homeopathic remedies

We have a pharmacy on-site where the prescribed remedies are mixed and packaged according to your pet’s needs

Pet store 

We have a small pet store area with toys, beds, and other pet-related items

Online consultations

If you are far away from us, one of our vets can make an appointment to do an online consultation

At Vet Homeopathy, your pet is our number one priority and his or her health is our main focus. Our remedies have been very successful in treating many different conditions. We have helped many animals regain their health and lust for life and we have helped their owners save money with natural remedies. More information about Veterinary Homeopathy can be found here to help you better understand animal health.

If your pet has a chronic disease or is showing symptoms that something is wrong, visit our facility in Herndon or contact us at for more information or an online consultation.